Resort Rules

Khiran Resort features three kinds of fully-furnished and fully-equipped accommodations, catering to guests' various needs. All rooms are located right at the coastline, overlooking the soothing blue waters and allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking sea views.

Booking Chalets, Studios and Villas

  1. Only families (husband, wife, children, and nanny) are permitted to stay at the Resort.
  2. Check-in time begins at 2:00pm; check-out time is by 12:00pm.


Booking Procedures

  1. Booking can also be done via the information center located in Salmiya. Guest must be present at the time of booking.
  2. Booking details cannot be changed once the guest has arrived at the Resort. Additionally, changes in the names of accompanying guests are not allowed once the guests have arrived at the Resort.
  3. The KD 100 Insurance will be refunded at check-out time upon full payment of booking, provided that there were no damages to or misuse of any items in the studio/chalet/villa, and no additional visitors/guests.
    • Modifying the booking date can be done only once.
    • Changes to the booking dates are permissible (1) day prior to the check-in day, in such case, no penalties will be applied.
    • Changes to the booking dates are permissible during the check-in day, in such case, no penalties will be applied, however, if the guest requested to cancel the changed reservation, penalties mentioned for the cancelation mentioned below will be applied.
    • If the reservation is cancelled by the guest before the check-in day, a 10KWD penalty will be deducted from the reservation value. 
    • If the reservation is cancelled by the guest on the check-in day or after the check-in, cancellation charges equivalent to one night room value will be deducted from the total reservation value. 
    • The remaining amount after deducting the charges will be refunded by (cheque)within 15 days from the date of cancellation. 
    • The Management of Khiran Resort/TEC has the right to cancel the reservations at any time before the check-in day without any legal liability or financial implications towards Touristic Enterprises Company. 
    • The total reservation value will be refunded by (cheque) within 15 days from the date of cancellation. 
  7. Reservations done through the Khiran website (online reservation): 
    •  Changes or Cancellation of room reservations done through the website can be only at the Reservation Office in the Information Center or at the Reception in Khiran Resort, and in such cases terms stated in above 4, 5, 6,7 will be applied.

Conditions for Visiting

  1. Families can visit the Resort with pool access for an entrance fee of KD 5 for adults and KD 2.5 for children of ages 6 to 12.
  2. Visit insurance value should be 25 KD if the visitors are family and if the visitor is only one person it should be 10 KD.
  3. Visiting times are from 8:00am to 12:00am, after which visitors will be charged an additional KD 15 (deducted from insurance fee) for each night.
  4. Any additional car, which exceeds the permitted number of cars allowed in the Resort, will be charged KD 10 (deducted from insurance fee) for each night. Additionally, nannies can enter the Resort for a fee of KD 5 for each night.


Conditions for Staying at the Resort

  1. Only families are permitted to stay at the Resort and visit. Marriage certificates and civil IDs must be presented.
  2. The permitted number of guests are as follows: 
    • Studio: Four guests (Two adults + Two children)
    • Chalet: Eight guests (Four adults + Two children + Two nannies)
    • Villa: Ten guests (Six adults + Two children + Two Nannies)
  3. The maximum additional number of guests allowed for villas is two guests, and one guest for chalets, after which each additional guest will be charged KD 15 per night. Guests will be charged KD 15 each night for any additional beds.
  4. Chalets are allowed two cars, villas are allowed three cars, and studios are only allowed one car.
  5. Parking on any greenery is prohibited. Guests are kindly requested to park in designated parking spaces located at entrances of chalet/studio/villa.
  6. Single men and women are not allowed to stay at chalet/studio/villa, unless accompanied by a guest or a family.
  7. Guests are not allowed to bring gas cylinders, washing machines, freezers, or mattresses to the Resort or inside the chalet/studio/villa; accordingly the Resort has the right to confiscate any of the aforementioned items. Additionally, no pets or animals of any kind are permitted on Resort premises.
  8. Guests must thoroughly review the list of items and equipment available in the chalet/studio/villa. If any item is missing or damaged guests are requested to immediately report by calling 506. All items and equipment will be checked once again 15 minutes before check-out. The value of any missing items will be deducted from insurance fees.
  9. Resort administration has the right to vacate guests of a chalet/studio/villa if there is no family present, as only families are allowed to stay at the Resort.
  10. Resort administration has the right to search chalet/studio/villa, as well as any cars, in the case that there is a security or safety concern.
  11. The use of loud audio equipment is prohibited inside and outside the chalet/studio/villa, as well as in cars, as this may disturb other guests and visitors.
  12. Driving inside the Resort without a driver’s license, going back and forth without valid and clear justification or driving in a reckless manner that can potentially jeopardize the lives of others, is strictly prohibited.
  13. Guests must maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the Resort at all times.
  14. No flammable, dangerous, harmful, or illegal items are allowed inside the chalet/studio/villa. Guests are responsible for all damages that can potentially occur as a result of the possession of any of the aforementioned items.
  15. Guests must comply with all rules and regulations inside the Resort and at swimming pools, as well as all instructions stated by safety and security officers.
  16. Heads of households must supervise their families for the duration of their stay at the Resort, and must assume full responsibility of them at the chalet/studio/villa, streets, playgrounds, swimming pools, beaches, or any other place within the Resort.
  17. Resort administration is not responsible for any valuable belongings or money inside rooms. In-room safety deposit boxes are available for guests to safely store valuable items.
  18. Chalet areas numbers 254 to 264 and 331 to 348 are not suitable for swimming.


General Terms & Conditions

  1. Guests are kindly requested to handle all furniture, furnishings and equipment inside studios/chalets/villas with care, as well as all property within the Resort.
  2. Resort administration is not responsible for any deaths, injuries, or damage of any kind inflicted on guests or family members, regardless of nature or cause.
  3. Fishing is prohibited in the area between the Resort administration building and the pier, as well as inside the marina.
  4. The allowed accommodation capacity has been determined based on the operating power of the available air conditioners. Therefore, a violation of allowed capacity may expose air conditioners to damage and the inability to properly operate within the chalet/studio/villa. Also, as doors and windows are likely to remain open, air conditioners are subject to damage and failure to properly cool rooms. Accordingly, guests are requested to keep all doors and windows closed, or alternatively not open for long durations, in order for air conditioners to properly cool the chalet/studio/villa.
  5. Guests must reimburse Resort administration for any damages resulting from the misuse of Resort properties, regardless of whether the damages were caused by guests, family members, or even visitors. Guests and visitors are requested to use Resort facilities with care.
  6. Outside food and delivery is not permitted at the Resort. The Resort’s restaurant is available to cater to all your requests and needs.
  7. Resort administration has the right to cancel booking in the case that guests fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions. In the case of a violation, guests are not entitled to a refund for the remaining period of their stay.
  8. Resort employees are at the service of guests. Guests are urged to fully cooperate with them for their own comfort during their stay.
  9. Please be informed that the Resort is equipped with a security surveillance system for the safety and comfort of guests.